Mindy has long been inspired by the human spirit and our unique ability to rise strong and better ourselves, not despite our challenges but rather because of them. She believes all adversity is opportunity in disguise and in order to receive the gifts inherent in our challenges, we must sometimes seek the help of others. For 17 years, Mindy has been passionately devoted to serving others in their pursuit of lives rich in health, purpose, abundance, and a deep sense of love and belonging.

In addition to being certified in many different modalities of physical and emotional healing, in 2013 Mindy began to explore the idea that the spaces and buildings in which we live and work can and should energetically support the people dwelling within them. Before she knew it her curiosity led her to develop a completely new and unique modality called House Healing that utilizes her advanced dowsing skills and the healing properties of stones, metals and water to heal and raise the vibrational frequency of the spaces in which we create our lives and nurture our relationships.




Massage Therapy Certification
Phillips School of Massage, August 2000

Interactive Deep Tissue Bodywork 1
Phillips School of Massage, April 2000

Interactive Deep Tissue Bodywork 2
Phillips School of Massage, April 2000

Interactive Deep Tissue Bodywork 3
Phillips School of Massage, February 2000

Thai Massage for the Table
Spirit Wind School of Thai Massage, December 2001


Wellness Kinesiology Stress Release 1
Gateways Naturopathic College, August 2002

Wellness Kinesiology Stress Release 2
Gateways Naturopathic College, August 2002

CranioSacral Therapy Level 1
Upledger Institute, October 2003

CranioSacral Therapy Level 2
Upledger Institute, December 2003

Somato Emotional Release Level 1
Upledger Institute, March 2004


Heart Centered Therapy Level 1
International Alliance of Healthcare Educators, July 2004

Naturopathic Dowsing with Flower Essences
C.G. Mittelstadt, September 2008

Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor
The Kundalini Research Institute, August 2015

CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics
Upledger Institute, September 2015