How amazing would your life be if you could release your physical and emotional blockages?

Powerful healing with a gentle, supportive approach. CranioSacral Therapy addresses a wide range of issues in people of all ages from newborns to adults. Working with the CranioSacral system (the tissues and fluids that enclose and protect the spinal cord and brain) allows the body and brain to release deep tensions thereby relieving pain, dysfunction and emotional imbalances.

cranio sacral therapyWhat conditions can CST help with:
Migraines and Headaches
Chronic and Acute Neck and Back Pain
Stress and Tension-Related Disorders
Motor-Coordination Impairments
Infant and Childhood Disorders
Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
Chronic Fatigue
TMJ Syndrome
Central Nervous System Disorders
Learning Disabilities
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Orthopedic Problems
Impaired Immune System
…and Many Other Conditions

CranioSacral therapySpecific To Infants and Children
Birth Trauma
Sleep Problems
Chronic Ear Infection
Autism Spectrum and Sensory Processing Disorders
Abnormal Muscle Tone
Strabismus, Nystagmus and Other Disorders
Reflux and Digestive Disorders
Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Torticollis Plagiocephaly
Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia
Speech Disorders
Down Syndrome and Genetic Disorders
Hearing Problems
Emotional Problems
Failure-To Thrive Syndrome
Impaired Immune System
…and Many Others

CranioSacral therapyFrequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be wearing clothes during my CranioSacral Session?

A: Yes, you will be fully clothed and lying face up on the massage table.

Q: CranioSacral, does that mean you will be touching my head only?

A: No, CranioSacral is beneficial for relieving problems located anywhere on the body from head to toe.

Q: What type of pressure do you use?

A: CranioSacral Therapy uses a light touch approach that is both powerfully healing as well as profoundly relaxing and rejuvenating, making it ideal for infants, children and adults of all ages.

  • Service Price: $80/hr CranioSacral Therapy