flower remediesHow might your life change for the better if you were continuously supported in reaching your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual goals?

Determining through the process of dowsing what flower remedies are needed to heal anything physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Getting the information directly from the client on an energetic level to treat a range of issues. Three systems of flower remedies used: Bach, Flower Essence Society and Burren Flower Remedies. Personal blends mixed on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is dowsing?
A: Dowsing is an ancient art that allows the dowser to gather information directly from the client’s body and mind that the client might otherwise not be able to access on their own. We have long depended on dowsers to accurately determine the best place to drill a water well. In this case, my dowsing specialty is finding the right combination of Flower Remedies that will assist you in healing anything physical or emotional.

There are numerous types of dowsing tools that can be used. The tool I use is a pendulum and it is just that, a tool. Specifically, a pendulum is a weighted object that is on the end of a chain that moves in a smooth fashion. When dowsing, I focus on and connect to your energy and the issue you are going to heal. It is the micro-movements in my dowsing arm that I cannot control that make the pendulum move the way it does. I remain neutral and use the pendulum to unlock and translate the information held by your body and mind.

flower remediesDowsing is essentially like muscle testing in that it helps us gather pertinent information. With dowsing I’m not limited to working with the client in person. I can also dowse over the phone, which has enabled me to help people all over the world.

Q: What are Flower Remedies?
A: Flower remedies were first discovered and created by a physician, Dr. Bach in England between 1920 and 1930. Made from the flower portion of the plant, Flower Remedies are best explained as being most like a homeopathic.

Q: How do I take them and do they taste bad?
A: You drink them in your water. The number of drops is determined through the dowsing process. No, they don’t taste bad, they are tasteless.

Q: Will they interfere with the medications I’m taking?
A: No, they will not interfere with the medications you are taking.

  • Service Price: Dowsing $60/hr, plus remedies at $10 per 1oz bottle of hand mixed remedy (up to 5 flowers per bottle)