home healingHow would your life and relationships improve if the energy in your home and workplace supported you and the people around you?

Dovetailing the energetic needs of the client with those of the house. Treating the home as a container, the bowl that holds and supports the family. Elimination of geopathic stress followed by a full calibration of the home to suit the needs of the family through dowsing and strategic placement of stones, minerals, metals, water or other mediums. By creating synchronicity between home and inhabitants, the house healing work can create a catalyst for positive growth and change.

Beneficial for businesses that are just starting out or are in need of a revitalizing boost to encourage growth and prosperity.

Q: What is dowsing?

A: Dowsing is an ancient art that allows the dowser to gather information. We have long depended on dowsers to accurately determine the best place to drill a water well. In this case, my dowsing specialty is finding the right combination of remedies and stones etc., which will eliminate negative energy while building and holding the positive energy in your home. In this way being in the home is a supportive healing experience that enables you and your family to more easily live happy, healthy and prosperous lives.
There are numerous types of dowsing tools that can be used. The tool I use is a pendulum and it is just that, a tool. Specifically, a pendulum is a weighted object that is on the end of a chain that moves in a smooth fashion. When dowsing, I focus on and connect to the energy of the family and the home. It is the micro-movements in my dowsing arm that make the pendulum move the way it does. I remain neutral and use the pendulum to unlock and translate the information that is so beautifully revealed.

Q: I think there is a ghost in my house and I’m very uncomfortable. Can you help me clear it?

A: Yes, I can.

  • Service Price: Starting at $300, stones separate for House and Business Healing