What would your life look like if your yoga practice enabled you to be the best version of you?

Kundalini Yoga is a life-changing journey of awakening and transformation. Through a practice rich in breath-work, poses, meditation and the chanting of mantras we release our limiting beliefs so that we may swiftly and gracefully actualize our soul purpose. Each of us has a special magic to bring to this world. Kundalini is a powerful practice that will enable you to clear the way and walk with purpose and love on your unique path of highest potential.

Q: I’m not very limber, will be able to do this type of yoga?

A: You do not have to be overly limber to this yoga. I always encourage my students to make each class their own by honoring their body’s natural boundaries.

Q: Do I need to wear white to this type of class?

A: No, not at all. Wear any color you wish. All you need is a mat and comfortable yoga type clothing. Kundalini yoga is traditionally practiced while wearing white but that is a personal choice and absolutely not required.

Q: Is Kundalini yoga a religious practice?

A: No, Kundalini yoga is not a religion. It is spiritual practice of awakening with roots that go back some 10,000 years. Originally practiced by those following the Sikh (meaning to be a student) faith. Today, students worldwide practice Kundalini Yoga.

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