I wanted to share my experience with having Mindy Barnes do a house healing for me. Personally, I think the place we live has a great impact on our health and happiness.I used to be constantly fatigued, even if I slept well. I had aches and pains for no apparent reason. I was grumpy. It has been over a week now since Mindy did a house healing for me. The house feels very peaceful. I wake up rested and not cranky. So, I highly recommend having Mindy do a house healing for you. She does not have to come to the property. It is an investment, but I hear so many people complain of difficulty sleeping or being tired all the time. I think people with firbromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome would really benefit from living in a place where Mindy had done a house healing. Give Mindy a call and see what she can do for you!

Stephanie Roundy
Stephanie Roundy

I was diagnosed with Viral Encephalitis in April 2014 followed by Autoimmune Encephalitis in June 2014. I have problems with numbness and tingling and dizziness from the damage done by the encephalitis. I wanted to do anything I could to get back to my former self so I started investigating different therapies not offered by the hospital I was treated at. I had read about Cranialsacral Therapy and thought maybe I should give it a try. My mother-in-law recommended Mindy Barnes and I called and made an appointment. Making that appointment was one the best things I’ve ever done and after seeing Mindy for a month I felt so much better. Every time I have a session I leave feeling lighter and just more like I used to be before the illness. Since it is an autoimmune condition and I have flairs I continue to see her once a month or more if I am having a particularly rough time. As I said before having Cranialsacral therapy is one the best decisions I have made since being diagnosed and I wish I had found Mindy sooner. Thank you Mindy you are the best.

Valerie Debler

A couple years ago my shoulder stopped working and pain was shooting into my elbow, and arm and I had to stop working for a bit. I went to a chiropractor for 10 months with no progress before decided to go see a Cranial Sacral Therapist. During my first session I was irritated that the adjustments were so subtle and couldn’t imagine thatanything could change after this kind of work. Well I was damn wrong… Mindy Barnes healed my shoulder in ONE session. I thought maybe this was just luck, but after I woke up 3 days ago with my neckstiff as a board, making it a challenge to do anything, I went to her again and again felt as though with such subtle touch it would be impossible to have relief, however sure enough the next morning I woke up with full range of movement and each day continues to feel better. I highly recommend the magical touch of Mindy. She has a super convenient, relaxing healing space in downtown Placerville andis compassionate, kind and has a true gift for healing.

Leah Delmer

Mindy is extraordinary in so many ways. When I found out about her wisdom with balancing the energy of the home using feng shui principals and minerals I was immediately drawn to trust her with this sensitive work. Two years later, I’m still so glad I did. Her intuitive knowing paired with this technique about what is needed to balance the home, what stones will help guide that, is right on. She nails it! In the process, we not only learned about our home, but about ourselves and each other too. She is also an absolute delight to work with, so warm, caring, sensitive, and funny, to go with all that intuitive wisdom. Hire her! Our home is better, our lives are better.

Deborah Bustamante

Mindy is one of the most intuitive, gifted healers that I have ever met. I was referred to her by a fellow horse person. People who have horses are always getting injured, and we really need healers like Mindy that can restore us to balance. I hate taking any kind of medication, and I hope that I never have to have surgery. Whatever issue has come up, whether it is physical, traumatic or emotional, I have been able to resolve the issue with the help of Mindy’s healing hands. Every time I am talking to someone and they start to complain about some physical ailment, I always say “Go see Mindy!”

Stephanie Roundy

As an aging athlete I put my body through a beating on a regular basis and have been a long time fan of body workers from Chiropractors to Massage Therapists. I was almost to the point of thinking I would have to stop the level of exercise I love due to an accumulation of lingering injuries and then I met Mindy. Over just a few sessions I realized I didn’t notice them as much and a few sessions later I forgot I had had them at all. I keep adding more bumps and bruises but have found she can keep me tuned up and able to continue the sports I love with a additional sessions as needed. I highly recommend her to anyone with that inevitable collection of aches and pains whether they are competing or just getting through the daily grind of life.

Ted Smith

Mindy’s Cranio Sacral work is very gentle… yet powerful and effective on so many levels. She helps release stress and trauma that underlies my medical issues, and I am blown away by the success of her work! Thank you, Mindy!


I recently experienced some post-surgery physical distress. Fortunately, I recalled your suggestion that I call you if I needed any assistance with my healing. At the time, I had no idea how helpful that suggestion would soon be to me. Not only was my physical discomfort immediately resolved, but I also experienced resolution of a very painful unfinished emotional experience that had been buried for years. The release of that burden was sudden and extremely cathartic. Thank you, Mindy, for restoring my physical and emotional health in such a gentle, caring way. I am truly amazed at the rapid and lasting results.

Jeanne B.

Caring hands and a warm smile. Ms. Barnes provides a therapeutic experience with a calming affect. I rarely have to point out the aches and pains of the day because she finds them.

Tim : Placerville, CA

Mindy Anne Barnes is a woman truly gifted in the art of healing through the use of Cranio Sacral Therapy. If there are any doubts in the use of cranio work, a person must try only one appt. with Mindy Anne to experience its healing benefits. The results are often immediate and stunningly powerful for both mind and body. Personally, each member of my family uses Mindy’s cranio sacral therapy for physical and/or emotional ailments. Healing from the inside out, as Nature intended.