Mindy Anne Barnes has a special gift for healing due to her light spirit and friendliness which allows her to connect easily with others. Her energy is gentle and playful and she has a unique ability to find “dis-ease” and nudge it into healing. She has developed some simple yet very effective process techniques allowing the client to gain depth of insight into their patterns and blocks, enabling the client to assist Mindy Anne in a deeper and more lasting healing. She has keen insight and ability to see into what is going on with the body and spirit. Her massage sessions are profoundly healing, relaxing and rejuvenating.


Mindy Annne’s gentle skills as a healer are simultaneously relaxing and energizing. What a treat! This is one of the most enjoyable healing modalities I have tried. I have found it to be effective for back pain and pelvic pain, and it helps for me with in 1 to 2 sessions. Definitely recommended!


Craniosacral therapy helped my lower back pain, and helped once when I had pain from a kidney stone.