What would happen if your mind and body were suddenly free from pain and tension?

With 23 years of experience, Mindy incorporates an eclectic blend of therapeutic massage techniques ranging from mindful, deep tissue to comforting relaxation. Each massage is tailored to the specific needs of the individual client.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of getting regular massage?

The benefits of receiving regular massage are numerous including, relief of physical tension and pain, stress reduction and relaxation, healthy detoxing of the lymph glands, organs, muscles and tissues while encouraging general feelings of wellness and optimism.

I am very shy and modest about my body.  How can trust that I will feel comfortable receiving a massage from you?

That is a good question.  Your feelings of safety and comfort are of the utmost importance to me. I will honor your (and my) need for modesty by leaving the room so that you can have privacy while getting on and off the massage table. You will always be modestly covered with a sheet and blanket. I do not expose private parts of the body. Additionally, some clients prefer to keep their underwear on during their massage, which is a perfectly fine thing to do.

I have an acute and very painful injury. Will massage help without hurting me further?

I always encourage people to come in for help as soon as possible after an accident or injury because it will enable them to move forward in their healing process at a much faster pace than if they let it go. There is a much lower incidence of injuries moving into chronic problems and pain if they receive treatment right away.  I have 23 years of experience and a wide range of skills for bringing relief and healing to clients that are suffering with acute pain due to various accidents and strains. An integral part of my massage process is open communication so I can build on what works well for you and your body.  

I’m a very private person. Do you have a policy pertaining to client confidentiality?

Absolutely! Not only am I required to adhere to client confidentiality laws, but I also deeply believe in and honor your right to have me create an atmosphere that is safe, secure and private. 

How often will I need to receive massage in order to benefit?

Good question. That will depend on a number of factors unique to you, such as your unique goals pertaining to the outcome you’d like to accomplish by receiving massage and what works best with your schedule and economic considerations. Together, we can create a mindful plan that will work well for you.


“Caring hands and a warm smile. Ms. Barnes provides a therapeutic experience with a calming affect. I rarely have to point out the aches and pains of the day because she finds them.” ~Tim, Placerville CA
“As an aging athlete I put my body through a beating on a regular basis and have been a long time fan of body workers from Chiropractors to Massage Therapists. I was almost to the point of thinking I would have to stop the level of exercise I love due to an accumulation of lingering injuries and then I met Mindy. Over just a few sessions I realized I didn’t notice them as much and a few sessions later I forgot I had had them at all. I keep adding more bumps and bruises but have found she can keep me tuned up and able to continue the sports I love with a additional sessions as needed. I highly recommend her to anyone with that inevitable collection of aches and pains whether they are competing or just getting through the daily grind of life.” ~Ted Smith